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At the Dopper Water & Waste Academy, students and co-workers discover the extent of the plastic waste problem and how to solve it. The driving force behind the education platform is waste expert Peter Smith. During classes, outdoor activities and lectures he demonstrates: I can do something about all this waste, it's easy and it feels good!

Who is the Dopper Water & Waste Academy for?
•    Last 3 years of grade school
•    High schools
•    Colleges and universities
•    Professional organizations / Business communities

The Dopper Academy is currently active in The Netherlands, United States (San Francisco), Germany and Belgium. If you wish to participate in this program program please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
What does the Academy do?
Classes: The Dopper water & waste experts show students the extent of the plastic waste problem and what they can do about it. 'Make a shopping list. What are the ingredients of plastic soup?'
Outdoor activities: The Dopper water & waste experts alerts students to the amount of litter on the streets and in the water in a playful way and teaches them what they can do about it. 'Who's up for a game of waste golf!?'
Lectures: Dopper speakers go beyond hard facts. After the lecture you will think twice before buying a single-use water bottle. And leaving a plastic wrapper in the street will never again cross your mind. Even stepping over litter in the street becomes difficult.

If you are interested in the Dopper Academy inside or outside of the Netherlands? We are glad to discuss the possibilities. Please contact us at


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